Recruitment Services

HGV Marketing has the biggest database of HGV Drivers in the country. After working with training facilities to generate leads, we now own a plethora of information for both newly qualified drivers and experienced drivers.

We understand some firms prefer experienced drivers and some do not mind taking on a newly qualified driver. However, our recruitment process is not just based on the experience on the road but the quality driver as an employee for your firm.

Our recruitment service follows the classic principles of getting new hires on board and does not follow a commodity based subscription model. We prefer to work with haulage companies that want to grow in the long term and not just one off jobs. How do we achieve this?

  1. We are trained in hiring fundamentals and use the most intensive human resources course designed by David Lee Jensen.
  2. We do not choose any driver and have specific qualities we look for, from the basics (cpc card, tacho card, background checks) to more in depth. These includes reviewing CV’s, Pre Screen Telephone Interviewing, and reference checking before any driver is sent to you for a face to face interview with the intention of long term employment.
  3. Branding. Your company needs to be branded and marketed as a company that is desirable for drivers to flock wto and be loyal to for years to come rather then months or even weeks.
What is the Service?
  • Finding a consistent stream of drivers for your firm
  • Recruiting Professional Driver’s with Experience
  • Recruiting Self Funded Newly Qualified Drivers
  • Interviewed and Pre Screened (Employment History, Commitments, Attitude, Experience and Intentions)
  • Entitlements Checked (CPC, Tacho, Entitlements)
Do I Qualify For This Service?

This service is intended for long term employment with companies that have a desire for full time staff. For this reason, we like to work with companies that look for real growth and invest in people which will return profits. Teams and skilled workers build businesses, not solo acts. For your firm to qualify for this service, we simply require the companies we work with to offer a great deal to quality drivers that we screen and send over.

This service is available for any ambitious firm; small, medium or large sized fleet.

Not sure if you qualify or have questions? Email us at and start a conversation or call us on 07963516130